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Posted on: January 30, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year ! 恭喜发财
Happy Tet for the Vietnamese!
Happy Sol Nal for the Koreans!

According to the Chinese lunar calendar we are starting the Year of the Dog today and we are now in year 4704. Doesn’t it sound great to be alive and well in the Sci-Fi like year of 4704? It sounds like a year where Harrison Ford would be hunting down humanoids, but it’s just the year where they will introduce Smart Cars in America. What a let down.

My work place prides itself on being diversity friendly, meaning respectful of all cultures and backgrounds. So the cafeteria celebrates all kinds of holidays, among them the Chinese New Year (since it’s celebrated by Mongolians, Koreans, the Miao , the Vietnamese, Tibetans, the Nepalese and the Bhutanese, shouldn’t it be called something else? The ever diversity respectful company has thought so too and rebaptized it Lunar New Year).

Today there was red and gold decoration on the walls and on the tables: firecrackers, cute little lanterns and umbrellas, “Lai-See” or red and gold envelopes. The menu too was “Chinese”. There was a gigantic line in front of the “entrees” area. By entrees Americans mean pieces de resistance. One of those faux amis, you know. By contrasts, they call the entrees appetizers. On the Food Network channel, they call the appetizers hors d’oeuvres when they want to be a little bit fancy. It is hilarious when the chefs add herbes de Provence to their dishes and call it French. One day a very well known chef even told his admiring audience that if you added saffron to a fish soup it made it a “bouillabaisse“. His pronounciation of the word made it slightly libidinous and if you speak French you know what I mean.

Anyway to return to our sheep … 🙂

People were lining up for Fried Rice and General Tso’s chicken. There were shumais, potstickers and Korean BBQ-ed chicken wings. Even the sandwich stand had chicken satays with peanut sauce (which are Malays or Thais, but who cares?), along side with your ordinary cheeseburger. The soup of the day was egg drop soup with spinach which I tasted. Very salty and absolutely dreadful.

Oh well… The cafeteria gets points for trying not hard enough.

I got some potstickers ($0.50 each. Highway robbery!) and heard loud noises coming from the lobby. Lots of people had gathered in a circle.
Five guys wearing read t-shirts saying “Chinese Boxing Association” were banging drums. In case you are wondering I believe it is the boxing that was Chinese, not the guys, because they were in all colors : Black, White and Asian. Then a big lion with a bopping head came in and danced around the room, undulating its head and tail. It was quite enjoyable to watch. I’m not sure purists would have found authenticity there though. Then one senior Vice President (an Asian one) came in and started a speech. I have an acute aversion to speeches given anywhere so I did not excuse myself and left to enjoy my potstickers.

And that was how my workplace celebrated the Chinese New Year !

San Francisco which hosts the largest Chinatown outside of Asia has a proper 15-day long celebration of the Lunar New Year, as it should be celebrated. And SF’s public schools are closed on this day. My own city won’t hold its American style Chinese New Year parade until Sunday.

To learn more about Chinese New Year as celebrated in American cities, click here.

I hear Asian communities are pushing to have Chinese New Year marked as a proper American holiday.

And again 恭喜发财 !


13 Responses to "恭喜发财"

“ni hao” sipakv 🙂

Et cadeau pour la nouvelle annee lunaire, pour tous les lecteurs, mais surtout pour rajiosy, le
poste d’Alain Mabanckou sur Raharimanana.

merci beaucoup pour la délicate attention Mme sipakv

Marina moa, je préfère de beaucoup les aventures de la famille kv à chinayork et les fêtes orientales at work, que l’éternel ressassement du temps des colonies.
Match nul à tous égards entre nostalgiques néo-“colons” et nostalgiques néo-“colonisés”. Et vive la vitalité asiatique !

masiaka !
fa dia misaotra mankasitraka ny aventures kelinay e !
fa hitondra ny tany tokoa ireo mavo hoditra ireo hoa…

Mince, anisan’ny bonne résolutions de 2006 : devenir enfin une bonne âme tsara fanahy be !

J’ai récemment vu un reportage (très superficiel) sur l’Inde à la télé. Ils peuvent être trés arriérés et en même temps trés très pointus. Vraiment surprenant…

J’ai étudié avec des chinois de Singapour, ils travaillent tous comme des dingues. Rehefa mba voan’ny gasy (dilettantes) izy dia sady gaga no malahelo ery. Pardon amin’ilay vary amina brèdes – sa – riz amin’anana ?

c’est vrai que nous pourrions entrainer Madagascar tres loin, si nous etions moins dilettantes.

A part ca, au boulot, les equipes sont composees a au moins 60% d’Indiens et de Chinois. Il m’est tres souvent arrive de me retrouver dans un meeting avec que des Indiens… Les Indiens sont souvent tres fiers (quoique ils se sont fait battre par le Pakistan au cricket derrierement, je ne te dis pas la consternation), les Chinois le sont aussi mais moins ouvertement.

Fa taiza no nianatra no feno Singapourians? Misy bandy miray miasa amiko ao izao avy any koa fa milaza azy fa Republican hono sady tia Bush.. Ha ha ha.

Huumm… You make me hungry…
Apparemment les chinois savent bien fêter leur nouvelle année, eux !
Tsy allusion hoan’ny gasy fa hoan’aty misy ahy izao…

“Ni hao” marina SipaKv !

fa ahoana ny fety nouvelle annee any?
comment ca se passe la bas maintenant avec toute la controverse du prophete et des caricatures publiees dans les journaux?

Ben en fait, pas grand chose pour le calendrier musulman car on fête tous le 31 décembre ici.
Du coup le “1er Moharram” est plutôt calme. (oups, mon attribut TARGET a été rejeté)

Quant aux caricatures, ça a choqué tout le monde évidemment, mais ça n’a pas dérapé ici…Dieu Merci !

aty Frantsa koa anie ka misy mpianatra avy any Singapour e

i stand corrected 🙂

😉 so do I
(désolé mais j’ai pas pu m’empecher d’ajouter ça mm si la conversation ne me concernait pas)

Sinon, le titre de la piece c’est : “les 8 femmes” comme le film…
Tu seras pas un peu trop matinale, toi ?

ah “8 femmes”, j’ai vu a la tele, avec sous-titre en anglais 🙂
ben oui, un petit peu d’insomnie et donc me voila en train de lire ton blog…

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