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Posted on: November 26, 2005

Thanksgiving is gone.
The turkey was delicious. Moist and well cooked. I declare myself a bona fide American cook. However…

The special Malagasy dish completely upstaged the turkey. It turned out to be, thank God, not tongo-kisoa, but a coconut flavored Ravitoto sy hena-kisoa. The Malagasy guests devoured it like there was no tomorrow and complimented a very proud BandyKV on his culinary prouesses. Some non Malagasy guests compared it to one Central African dish that also uses cassava leaves. It seems the whole world but the European continent eats cassava leaves (for a sample of recipes, click here. Do you know, you can even make cassava souffle? I’d be tempted to try if I weren’t so tired today).
BandyKV bought his cassava leaves at a Latino grocery store. He also bought the fatty hena kisoa there, because the pork they sell at our ordinary grocery store is too lean and too civilized to make a self respecting Malagasy meal.

Anyway, sorry Lili, between changing Zazakv’s diapers, chasing ZazaKV around the kitchen to make him eat his dinner and preparing the frangipane and the Bechamel sauce, and poaching the pears, and making the pate brisee at the same time, while wondering if the turkey was cooked enough or not cooked enough (my turkey had no pop up device and I have no oven safe thermometer), too dry or too pink, and if there would be enough foie gras for everybody, I have had no time to shoot the turkey post and before its passage in the oven.
Anyway the minute the ravitoto sy henakisoa made its appearance, the turkey lost its star status, so the only photographs I have are of my guests eating, and I doubt they would appreciate me posting pictures of themselves on my blog, especially because noone manages to look very sexy smiling at the camera with ravitoto in between one’s teeth, a fork in mid air, and I’m not even talking about the flushed cheeks from too much wine!

And Friday was Black Friday, the day the official race to buy Holidays gifts commences. I heard some crazy people lined up at two in the morning in the Walmart parking lot for a chance to buy a $398 HP laptop, or a digital camera costing less than $100, or a 42 inch LCD TV at less than $950. I was at two in the morning snoring happily with a full belly, nested against BandyKv’s also very full stomach. I didn’t miss that $398 HP laptop at all…


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