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My Thanksgiving dinner

Posted on: November 22, 2005

Determined to be a good immigrant this year, I am ready to go native and bake turkey for Thanksgiving. No cheating this year, no capons and no chicken, nothing but turkey will do.

The Thanksgiving turkey is not your usual tasty but skinny Malagasy turkey. It is a 20 pound beast that requires four hours of baking in the oven. Having never before baked such a big bird in my life, I am crossing my fingers that it will come out moist and well cooked for the sake of the poor persons who have ventured to accept my Thanksgiving Dinner invitation.

My American acquaintances are filling my ears with advice and their grandmother’s recipes. I have been told to buy a device I have never heard of which is the “turkey bag”. Apparently it is to be found next to the aluminium foil at the grocery store. I’ve never noticed probably because I’ve never baked a turkey. One person has told me not to worry because turkeys come with a “pop up” device, which will pop up when the proper temperature is reached, and so I will only have to wake up early on thursday for the turkey to bake in time ! What ingenuity ! You’ve got to admire a country which comes up with a special tool for everything imaginable, even for the very mondaine task of squeezing lemon juice.

BandyKV thinks turkeys are not very tasty, so he’s gonna cook his special Malagasy dish. He won’t say what it is and wants to make it a surprise. Good for him!

The menu I came up with is very eclectic and international (if you can call it that, knowing that everything under the sun that is not American is called “international” here).
Thanks to recipes harvested on the Food Channel, my guests will indulge with :

  • Foie Gras on a bed of caramelized apples,
  • Oysters Bienville,
  • a salad of roasted beets and arugula with blue cheese dressing,
  • roasted sweet potatoes with sweet aioli,
  • my turkey,
  • mushroom and parsley stuffing,
  • Bandykv’s surprise Malagasy dish (I hope it’s not tongo-kisoa, pigs’ feet, which I abhor but he loves),
  • rice of course,
  • and to finish we will have a simple but delicious pear tart with frangipane for dessert, baked by yours truly.

We promise to use only the freshest ingredients and to cook and bake everything from scratch. No frozen pate brisee, for us.

Mazotoa homana !

The feasting marathon has begun. Most people will also eat a lot if not very well on Friday following Thanksgiving, and also on Saturday following the Friday after Thanksgiving. An acquaintance has confessed to belonging to a Gourmet Circle and he will actually make the tour of this very foodie oriented circle on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. He has volunteered to supply the wine which he’ll bring not by the bottles, but by the cases.
I expect everybody will show up at work bloated and overweight on Monday.

But wait, Christmas is also around the corner! Another opportunity to overindulge… Thank God the New Year is coming with its set of readily forgettable resolutions…


4 Responses to "My Thanksgiving dinner"

J’attends donc les photos comme celle de Sale Bête.
Chez Pasfolle, l’anecdote de Thanksgiving du 25.11.2003 n’est pas mal non plus.

mange tout homana e !!

cool card ! though I don’t like cranberry sauce.

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