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Posted on: October 31, 2005

I came upon an interesting academic article about the phenomenon of the Jaombilo.
Yeah, Jaombilo as in the Mamy Gotso song and as in the David Jaomanoro short story.

You can find it here, “The Jaombilo of Tamatave, 1992-2004 : reflexions on youth and globalization”. It is written by an anthropologist, Jennifer Cole, and published in the Journal of Social History, Summer 2005.

There is a funny description of financement parallele in the text (remember the financial scandal during Zafy’s presidency?).

“A jaombilo is when the European supports the Malagasy girl. And the Malagasy girl then supports the Malagasy man. That is to say, there is a parallel finance system going on (financement parallele).”

I’ve never heard the financement parallele described that way!

But then, the Jaombilo himself has his own girlfriend(s). (Does the European man know he is supporting all these people?)
The Jaombilo is often handsome and dresses well, he also needs to have a “fo sportive”. Hell ya, to agree to such a situation, with all the Malagasy cultural background, he has to have more than a sporting heart.
Anyway, it seems the Jaombilo is part gigolo, part bodyguard, part pimp, even part housekeeper of these ladies.
The author argues that Jaombilo is a direct descendant of the “manarabady” or “Jaoloka”, i.e. emasculated man.

I agree that globalization and consumerism are at least partly to blame for the apparition of the Jaombilo …

“The values of consumerism–including the privileging of youth and beauty–enable a kind of labor that is uniquely based on self-production that draws on youth, good looks, fashion, and ways of living and embodying sex appeal that are drawn from global media.”

Go check it out…


3 Responses to "Jaombilo"

si je recapitule: “L’european man” est ici “la valeur ajoutée”. Un produit fini “jaoloka” obtient sa valeur du fait qu’il contient une plus value grace à “L’european man”. Produit fini “Jaoloka” ensuite utilisé et consommé grace à la valeur ajoutée qui lui confère une valeur. Et la fille ? Non au proxenetisme. Tous ça par-ce qu’il n’y a pas de vrai Job.

hey, harinjaka, spoken like a true accounting or finance major ! harinjaka angaha nanao gestion sa finance? 🙂

Tsy business ve no resahina e ? (mdr)

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