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Cachez moi donc ce gay que je ne saurais voir

Posted on: October 26, 2005

Do you like a little controversy? I do.

I don’t drink coffee daily. Only when I’m too tired from doing the working slash blogging mother thing do I look for an uplift from the bottom of a cup. The last time I bought a Starbucks coffee was more than three months ago. I bought it from a drive through Starbucks store. Yeah, I’m that lazy. I stay put cozily in the car and shout my order through the window. It cost an insane $5 and it was a Venti White Mocha thing. Can’t remember really what it was but it was deliciously mood and energy boosting, and I drank it while driving. Maybe this explains why I did not see that Starbucks has taken to printing “controversial” quotes on its paper cups.

Apparently Starbucks has dared to print a gay quote on its papercups.

“My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I
surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there
loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life’s too damn short.”

by Armistead Maupin.

This put conservatives and bigots up in arms.
“This is nothing to show one’s wife/children! No gay quote on my coffee!”, shrieked one shocked pick-up driving, arm carrying, Confederate flag waving, gay not loving dad.

One Baptist university even banned the cups from Starbucks located on its campuses !

Starbucks is now stirring up controversy again by utilizing a best-selling pastor’s quote on its cups.

It says

“You were made by God and for God, and until you understand that, life will
never make sense.”

Personally I prefer Maupin’s Stay True to Yourself quote, but I don’t mind the Christian quote myself. And let me sound like a true Yankee here, “What about Freedom of Speech?”. (Gee, really I’ve been in this country too long:-).

Anyway if it’s a ploy by Starbucks to attract more customers to their “Venti/Grande/Latte/Chai” stores with the “baristas”, it has succeeded, because I’m going there today at lunch to have a look at those quotes.

Yeah, I told you I’m a sucker for controversies. Plus I’ve heard wonders about the new Pumpkin Spice Latte flavor. What can I say, it’s Halloween ! (Hence the colors!).


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