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Love chocolate? Love Madagascar?

Posted on: September 26, 2005

Update : I just realized that Rabelazao has a post about this as well.
And the Guardian has an article about the subject of Equitrade and Malagasy chocolate.

If you love Malagasy chocolate and you live abroad, you can now purchase it on the internet at !

They also sell Black and Red Pepper. In my opinion, Malagasy Pepper is the very best in the world, there is nothing as delicious as a juicy tender steak sprinkled with our pepper. I use my TAF pepper very sparingly, as BandyKV can attest, only on very special occasions.

Yummy !

Now, I’m waiting for the “Niaouli, Lychee, Pallisandre, Mango, Coconut, Jujuba Honey”.
Plus, they’re an EquiTrade company, in their words

“All our products are “equitably traded”, this means that we are investing knowhow and technology into wholly owned Malagasy companies to help them trade internationally in finished or part finished sustainable products.”

All I know is that I often see Madagascar vanilla marketed as a high-end goods in Gourmet supermarkets here, they actually sell for about $8 per two pods. At Dean and Deluca, I once purchased Malagasy green peppercorns, in its green can, and it cost me $5.

Yeah, I don’t think the Malagasy growers got most of the surplus in the trade…


4 Responses to "Love chocolate? Love Madagascar?"

Ce n’est ni une tablette de chocolat, ni une boîte de proivre vert, mais c’est étonnant d’en trouver un à Rhode-Island.

I thought U was vegetarian !!!

Dont’u notice the world “Malagasy” is now patented?
BTW, malagasy chocolate seems to be out of stock!

Lili : he’s too cute ! one Hollywood celebrity has one too but unfortunately I can’t remember her name 😦

Harinjaka : I gave up ! And because I was eating fish, I was actually posing as a “pescetarian”.

Vaomiera : And the word “Madagascar” is also patented.

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