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Hey you ! What are you doing here?

Posted on: August 31, 2005

I love google ! But then again, who doesn’t?

I love google especially because thanks to google, a lot of people (and I mean A LOT. You know who you are) who are researching ‘Tantely Ramonjy’, ‘video Tantely’, ‘sipa manja’, and other variations on the same theme, end up on my blog.

So this post is dedicated to Tantely Ramonjy, or rather to Tantely Ramonjy and all the sipa manja of Madagascar whose private lives were violated.

May these lost voyeurs who wander here looking for a glimpse of you be forever cursed : may they lose their internet connection ! may they get dooced ! may they be fired for illegal use of the internet on the work place !


8 Responses to "Hey you ! What are you doing here?"

Sao dia mba mamely akaiky anay mpitsidika kosa izany RaSipaKV o?

I tried this search one day… No result for “Tantely Ramonjy”. Yet, I’ve never seen the famous VCD.
By the way, she is not the malagasy first porn star or sth like this…
And she is not the first one doing such “video”.
Know anything about Clara Morgane, Paris Hilton, Pamela A.?
Ha, sipa gasy manja te ho star?
Same facts but very very different results!

Just to satisfy my unquenchable first for knowledge : who’s the first malagasy p..n star?

of course that was “thirst” not “first”…

Two day’s ago I’ve downloaded a video entitled “Revy gasy” in Emule without intending to download a porn. When it was done, I was surprised to see a hidden cam of “love affair” between two young gasy”… I was just like shocked !! Is it really the gasy reality show at the moment?
BTW Nice post and good solidarity 😉

WOW !!! Amen to u sista lol!!! I really really really appreciate what u say in this post!!! I’ve been dying to talk about this (the same post about Tantely) for a long time and really adress it and let these ppl HAVE IT!!!! but i’ve lost my words lol…maybe i was trying too hard (writting a whole novel or short story) but u said it BEST! By the way luvin’ ur blog all the way!!!

Let say porn actress, not a porn star. Because they don’t really shoot these videos for living,they do? Amateur.
The first movie, acting malagasy girls (amateur), was released 5 or 6 years ago. Secretly.
What I really want to say is: we’d better stop copying everything done in other countries.
Pazzapa! Hidden camera for love affairs! Reality porn!
Money and the rich corrupt our malagasy souls. They bring with them luxury and perversion.
Restons pauvres!

Hypocrites, vous etes tout des hypocrites!!!!!

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