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A longing for white

Posted on: August 30, 2005

This is how I would like to decorate my house: clean, no frillings, minimalist, modern. All white.

I thought of this yesterday as I was soaking in my bathtub, with my vanilla scented candle and water. I love the Me! Bath Ice Cream fizzies.

You plunge them into water, they instantly dissolve with a nice fizzing sound and your nostrils take in the discreet fragrance of Hawaiian flowers and precious oils. There’s also a Coconut Cove and Peaches’n Cream variety which I haven’t purchased yet but surely will. I love taking baths ! It’s a thing I will surely miss if I ever decide to take the plunge and dutifully head back home. Hello showers, bye bye baths !

So while BandyKV was taking care of ZazaKV, Neny had finally some moments alone, for which she is immensely grateful. I was trying to relax in my tub and my eyes revolted at the sight of my multicolored bath towels : blue, green, red, yellow. You name the color, I have the corresponding towel. Too many. I am sorely tempted to replace them with thick, expensive, Egyptian cotton towels. White as snow ones. They’ll be so soft I’d want to disappear in them. I would finally know what it’s like to be wrapped in a cloud.

I will buy four towels. Two for me and two for BandyKV. No need to buy more than needed, but buy the best you can afford and use it until it falls into shreds. That will be my new defense against consumerism.
I will keep the other towels and see if my mom can find a use for them. I can try to donate them, but I wonder who would want used towels. It’s a little bit like used underwear, I guess. Someone’s naked skin has been intimately rubbed against it.

I think this longing for white and minimalism is in reaction to my house. It is now strewn with multicolored plastic toys, an exersaucer, various rattles in eclectic forms and colors, blue teddy bears and orange giraffes. ZazaKV has more fun crinkling paper and throwing his fruit on the ground (and watching Neny pick up!) than with the brand new electronic Fisher Price telephone we bought him. My son has good taste.


2 Responses to "A longing for white"

Come on, don’t let people think it is impossible to take baths in Madagascar ! 🙂

It certainly is ! But I never have. Lafo loatra ilay JIRAMA…

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