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Will they find the Meermin?

Posted on: August 27, 2005

Following my post on the slave ship Meermin and the Malagasy slaves that temporarily managed to take over the ship, you can imagine my excitement when Google News today reports six articles on the archaeologist Jaco Boshoff who thinks he may have found the Meermin !
Click here and here and here.

It should be a great discovery : sofar, they have recovered only 10 slaveships worldwide !

While reading on the Meermin, I also came upon the story of recovering shipwrecked Malagasy slaves on the Island of Tromelin, near Mauritius. The shipwreck of l’Utile happened in 1761. The slaves were left on Tromelin while the French seamen managed to reach Madagascar. The slaves stayed in Tromelin until 1764 when they were finally rescued. Out of the sixty slaves, there were seven women and a little boy left. They were taken to Mauritius.

The UNESCO project, La mémoire naufragée des esclaves de l’utile” is attempting to find the descendants of the seamen and the Malagasy slaves. In 2006, a team of archaeologists and researchers will go to Tromelin and attempt to learn more about the slaves’s life and survival there. Maybe they will even discover the remnants of the l’Utile !


1 Response to "Will they find the Meermin?"

We all need to know the way of life in Mada 500 or 300 years ago.
Maybe this could help to understand where we are really from.

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